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Your Own/Reseller Domain Name
Main User For Above Domain
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If your domain name were abcdef.com, you would type abcdef.com in the "Your Own/Reseller Domain Name"(no www.).

If your domain name were abcdef.com, your "Main User" would be abcdef (case sensitive).

The "Password" is the password for the main user (while they can be the same, this is not the control panel, FP2K or search engine tools password, it is the FTP/POP3 password), this field is also case sensitive. If you have lost your main domain password, click here.

This software automates the below tasks :

    - Install/Modify the Web Page Builder
    - Install/Modify the Control Panel
    - Install/Modify the Digital Filofax
    - Install/Modify the Search Engine Tools
    - Install/Modify the Database Manager
    - Enable/Disable Graphical Statistics
    - Assign new FrontPage password
    - Reset FTP/POP3/SSH passwords
    - Create a MySQL user and database
    - Reset a lost MySQL user password
    - Check real time billing status
    - Check month-to-date disk/traffic usage
    - Remove anonymous FTP directory
    - Get custom CGI script installation info
    - Find and fix custom CGI script errors
    - Enable ASP on an account
    - Place an account "On hold"
    - Remove "On hold" status on an account
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